Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jesus the Word

Strange are the times indeed...
The uproar about has been great and focused.  One Man has caused such a stir that it seems the whole world is reacting!
I heard that He was speaking today on that mountain over there.  A crowd is already gathered, while greater throngs are pressing toward Him...

Standing in amazement,
hung on every word;
this Man is saying things far more
than we have ever heard!
Deeper for to penetrate
the heart, so very hard...
He cuts away those layers that
have long been very scarred.
The words that He is using,
the ways that He would speak
would conquer every status,
and so become unique;
His eyes would somehow touch each one
that gathers in this place;
from His words there be no hiding,
neither be disgrace.
His conversation makes one think,
but what then be concern?
The deepest of simplicity
He longs for us to learn.
He does so without pressure-
our own hearts, they spur us on;
again, inside His countenance,
facades be seen and gone.

Standing in amazement,
listening to Life;
knowing that I need to change-
His words, they are a knife!
The blade be trimmed with velvet, though,
as they cause men to draw.
Standing in amazement, seeing
what I never saw.

"Standing in amazement..."  even in a crowded sanctuary as Jesus speaks through the one He has placed in that pulpit.
Jesus the Word is so alive that He accomplishes what He is appointed to do:  He saves...He heals...He encourages...He revives...He feeds...He reveals...He ______!
What is it that you need today?  Spend some time in His Living Word and receive!

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