Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jesus the Giver

Is He not everywhere?

Early at the hospital for more tests.
After checking in, I see one of the PromiseKeepers that I have greatly missed.  After greeting and discovering why we were there, he tells me he'll see us later and off to work he goes.

"You are so very generous,
so giving and so good.
I cannot turn my back on You,
(not that I ever would!)
You are so very generous,
so loving and so kind!
Oh God my Father, You are in
my heart, my soul, my mind!

My Father God, so many the
distractions in the day.
I cling to You and focus, though,
upon the Narrow Way.
In doing so, distractions, some
be "opportunities;"
otherwise, You stable me
enduring all of these.
And there, where no distractions are,
Just You and I alone,
Your glory and Your Majesty
are, in abundance, known!
And I am fellowshipping with You-
You, so very giving-
thanking You, enjoying You,
in Your abundance living!"

Off to work he went?  I thought so.  Not so.  After the medical test was over, we "somehow" met again in a hospital hallway and he handed us an envelope.  A very full envelope!  Enough to pay for that day's hospital visit and MUCH more!

What is it that you are concerned about as you read these words?
What are those needs in your life that you think are either too great for the Lord to take care of, or so insignificant that you don't want to bother Him with?  He cares greatly for both, and He is able to take care of them!  ASK HIM!!
Trust Him!
He is The Giver and He is everywhere!

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