Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Annabelle Joyce

Annabelle Joyce arrived on earth yesterday--happy and healthy!  She and the whole family are doing well.  Thank you for your prayers!

And as I try to focus on
what God would have to say,
there is a photograph of one
who is less than a day...
as I try to listen to
instructions He would give,
I catch the sweet visage of one
who's just begun to live...
as I go to God to find out
what the day will hold,
there's someone else upon my heart
that I would LOVE to hold!!

What a sweet 'distraction' that
is in my life today!
As I rise to be with God
my smile has much to say!
And I have much to say to Him
with gratitude so rife!
For He has blessed this family with
another healthy life!

Rejoice with us, won't you?  And please continue to pray for my children as they adjust to this wonderful little angel that God has blessed them with!
They only thing more painful than not being there for her birth is knowing that we must wait a few weeks to go see them!
I'm counting the days...

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