Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feast AND Famine!

In plenty I reside...
so faithful, You provide...
You know what is 'enough,'
and surely not just 'stuff!'

God came by awhile ago,
just like He does always.
With Him, once more, the truth resounds
"His ways are not our ways."
No, so far superior
is that which happened just,
and greater I to cling to Him
Who is "in God we trust!"

How faithful He unto His own,
even if I'm blind!
I know He will provide, but I
cannot see what's designed.
Faithful He to meet the "need"
but He knows each "desire,"
and even they to come our way
trusting Him entire!

"In 'plenty' I reside?
You KNOW what to reside!
So happy with 'enough,'
and surely more than 'stuff!'"

God provides. 
He knows what we need and when...but He is also concerned about the desires of our hearts, and He wants the best for His children.
Live with Him and know that He is not just practical, He is also a lavish and generous Father!

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