Sunday, September 22, 2013


Autumn...once more very late,
but God, on time always!
In the earliest arise
and give the Father praise!
Father God, so faithful--right here
when the need appears;
loving God--so generous--
lest we be in arrears!

So wonderful, so humbling,
His Presence in the day.
Without pretense, there He is
with "in-your-face" display!
Other times, there He is
in subtlety unreal;
Father God, to listen to...
to feel!

"Father God, so glorious,
Your great, creative hand;
but even greater be Your mercies
causing us to stand!
We worship You and raise You up,
You Fount of all good things!
All blessing flow from You and, to You,
all creation sings!"

How awesome is the Presence of God at first light!
How wonderful it is to spend the first part of the day with Him, listening...watching...LIVING!
Surely the autumn He creates is glorious, but the glory that He is is far more than seasonal!
See Him today in all of His creation!

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