Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Eternity...have you ever thought about it?  How often do you think about it?
Time will stop...while at the same time going on forever! 
I don't understand.
Some of our loved ones have already stepped into eternity!
God is eternal, but we don't have to wait until eternity to know Him and have a wonderful relationship with Him!

O God, You are eternal,
I do not understand.
Forever we shall be with You
and all that You have planned!
Time will be no longer-
that constant of restraint-
so many concepts, all anew,
across my mind You paint!

Eternity, Lord, with You-
how will we spend the time?
Dancing on the golden streets...
the heights of glory climb...
walking at your side forever
through the landscape there...
catching up with loved ones and
the who, the what, the where?

But Lord, can even this, my mind,
fathom what awaits?
I cannot know here streets of gold,
I can't see pearly gates!
I cannot see how You will have time,
Lord, to spend with me
when there are countless gone before,
and numberless to be!
And there I go again, Lord, trying
to assign a "time..."
I have to have a whole new way
of thinking for to climb
unto a level that will be
so fitting for that...TIME!
Is even it too wonderful
to apprehend in rhyme?!

So beautiful--eternity--
so wonderful, indeed!
And all because of Jesus Christ,
in Whom we have been freed!
Serving Him, it is not always
heaven on this earth,
oh but blessings, even those eternal,
come from that great Birth!!

Make TIME for Jesus Christ in your life.
Make Him Lord and Savior and know that your eternity, (whatever that means!) will be Paradise!

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