Friday, September 27, 2013

Delightful 'duties'

Before the assignment is...
before the duties take place...
even before preparation for those things, something far more important, something far greater than 'duty' MUST be...

Again to spend that precious time
receiving of the King.
But to make available
the heart to hear such thing!
God is alive and speaking if
we only tune Him in,
such is the greatest preparation
'fore the days begin!

"I walk with Him and talk with Him..."
far more than joyful song!
Desire to enjoy that time
before it moves along!
So much is there to learn of Him
in silence and in sight;
know ye, in these precious moments,
I take great delight!!

Before the day's activities,
there's one that tantamount,
and that is call out His Name,
and taking that That Fount!
Jesus, Jesus--all-sufficient,
all-providing He,
I so enjoy the moments with Him
'fore the duties be!

MAKE the time to spend with Him at first!
You don't have to spend hours in prayer, just converse with Him as you prepare for the day.
Just talk with Him and listen as you get ready to go.  He's right there in the car with you as you drive, talk to Him there!  He has so much to tell you!

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