Wednesday, September 4, 2013



"Thank You for my daddy;
oh God, I love that man!
Thank You for making him my dad
as part of Your great plan!
I know You have a sense of humor,
You gave some to him!
I know You have ordained my life,
that's why they named me "Jim."

But thank You for my daddy.
Oh God, sustain that man!
So frail now be his status,
but see him 'such' I can?
No way!!  For he is just as great
as always he has been:
a major factor in my life,
a pillar amongst men!

Yes, thank You for my daddy and
the wisdom he possesses.
Thank you for his heart...his heart!
For with it he still blesses!
I love that man with all my heart,
I treasure him always;
and I myself would honor him
in each and all my days!"

Yes, I am so very grateful for my dad.  Too often, one waits until it is too late to express such gratitude.  Not this man.  I want the world to know NOW and always what a blessing my dad is and how grateful I am for him!  God gifted me with a wonderful man to call "daddy," and I am not ashamed to say it!

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