Monday, September 2, 2013


Evening again.  A long day. 
So many things I any less 'busy?'
I KNOW that there will be a break!

"O come, o come expected Lord,
desired for so long!
Jesus--o Thou Son of God,
how lengthy is Your song!!
You are the words, You are the music
of our heart and soul;
we long, so long for Your return
to make our yearnings whole!!

Come, that we may fully know
the Paradise avowed...
come o that our longing hearts
get everything allowed...
come that we may enter in
Your Presence there at last...
come that we may know that Life
that nothing has surpassed!!

Come, o come expected Lord,
we hunger and we thirst!
In the kingdom of our hearts,
oh Lord, we put You first!
Establish here Your kingdom-
that New Heaven and New Earth-
and we shall serve, with joy forever,
You Who give us birth!"

Oh yes, there will be a break soon...for all of them that belong to Jesus!  Are YOU one of them?
Ask Him to be Lord of your life and enjoy that hope and assurance that we do!

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