Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful Day

Let's start this week off right:

"You're beautiful in all Your ways!"
my heart cries out to You!
My being would seek constant ways
to sing Your praises new!
For even in the lovely dawn
with gentlest of breeze,
noticing Your attributes
comes with the greatest ease!

The cooing of the early doves...
the birds that only 'hummm...'
the voices, many more aloft,
contribute to the sum!
The trees of every living hue,
the blossom and the bloom...
even every sight to sound off-
visions to exhume!!

So beautiful in all Your ways,
oh God, Creator God!
Creation, all, reacts to You,
in worship to applaud!
Oh Father God, I join with them
and give You nothing less-
that adoration You deserve
that NOTHING may suppress!"

Monday morning.
Beautiful Monday morning!
Living Monday morning!
Whatever you do today, do it with vigor as unto the Lord in the beauty of His holiness and the glory of His creation!

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