Friday, September 20, 2013


A truth to boggle the mind: GOD ADOPTS ME!  All things are burned and done away with and I am clothed in every new thing God provides!

I am the righteousness of God,
unto Him I belong!
Becoming yet another verse
of that most blessed song!
He made me to become His own
by sending His own Son-
Jesus is alive within-
what glory is begun!

Adopted by creator God,
One and only One!
He looked upon the works and deeds
that ever I had done,
and chose to call me anyway!
What power in The Blood!
I am accepted as I step
toward Him through the Flood!

Everything is now anew
as I accept His call.
He gives His very best, therefore
to Him I give mine all!
The miracle: adoption-
I am His and He is mine
here and through eternity-
what glorious design!

What glorious truth!
Have you realized that truth in your own life?  There is nothing like it!  There is no more wonderful way to live this life than to be born-again...being made anew by the Blood of Jesus!
Call on Him today!  See chapter 3 of John in the Bible.

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