Saturday, September 28, 2013


Before the autumn rituals
I walk beneath the trees.
They sway so very gently in
the light September breeze...
though the spectrum has begun
the leaves remain intact...
the loveliest of litter, soon,
the season to exact!

Walking with Creator God
amidst His great creation...
reveling in His embrace-
what glorious relation!
once again, beyond all words,
yet I would seek the same!
I have to share it with all men
and glorify His Name!

Already are the colors as
His palette is alive!
Lost again in Presence as
He's faithful to arrive!
What a wonder as the time
becomes an issue not!
So very fortunate that such
relationship we've got!

Can you see the colors that the season is yielding?
Do you look around and behold the wonder of creation, or can you not see beyond the leaves that you will soon be raking?
Don't forget to enjoy God and His creation today!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Delightful 'duties'

Before the assignment is...
before the duties take place...
even before preparation for those things, something far more important, something far greater than 'duty' MUST be...

Again to spend that precious time
receiving of the King.
But to make available
the heart to hear such thing!
God is alive and speaking if
we only tune Him in,
such is the greatest preparation
'fore the days begin!

"I walk with Him and talk with Him..."
far more than joyful song!
Desire to enjoy that time
before it moves along!
So much is there to learn of Him
in silence and in sight;
know ye, in these precious moments,
I take great delight!!

Before the day's activities,
there's one that tantamount,
and that is call out His Name,
and taking that That Fount!
Jesus, Jesus--all-sufficient,
all-providing He,
I so enjoy the moments with Him
'fore the duties be!

MAKE the time to spend with Him at first!
You don't have to spend hours in prayer, just converse with Him as you prepare for the day.
Just talk with Him and listen as you get ready to go.  He's right there in the car with you as you drive, talk to Him there!  He has so much to tell you!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


"Early in the mist that You've created,
What would have me do today, oh Lord?"
As that so subtle gets to be more heavy,
I wonder what this day has long held stored.
Already is it settled in the heavens,
He has seen each detail come to pass.
His vision, it is keen and highly focused,
while I behold things darkly, through a glass.

Early in the mist He has created,
I ponder many things as we converse.
I try to focus on His holy Presence,
while I wonder how long to rehearse.
For soon, He says, He's coming to receive us
to live with Him where 'days' shall be no more;

there to know the vision that He purposed,
each and all our senses to restore!

"'Even so, come quickly!' be our heart-cry!
Return that we may know the fullness of!
'History' all of this becoming
as we reside in Your unfailing love.
So many are the issues here distracting,
but each of them shall melt away like mist;
and we shall live with You, Lord, celebrating
the wonder that, in our hearts, You exist!"

Don't ever forget who you are, Whose you are, and what He has in store for you.
As I watch the fog melt away this morning, I think about the issues of this life melting away and the fullness of His glory overtaking!  See it with me, and know that it won't be long from now.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sanctuary...'s not always what you think:

Early in the sanctuary
with my only King;
Presence oh so present, of His
glory only, sing!
Reverence and silence first
to seize the very soul!
Early in the sanctuary--
oh, to be made whole!
Made whole as my Father reaches
out to welcome me...
completed by the love He has,
so beautiful, so free...
filled to overflowing even
now, before the start...
early in the sanctuary
to repair the heart.

So wonderful, the sanctuary-
living and alive!
Jesus Christ in splendid glory
always to arrive!
But it be us to know arrival,
He is ALWAYS here!
The sanctuary of the Lord-
see Him...feel Him...hear!

Where is your sanctuary?
If it is always a church 'building,' then you are missing an awesome aspect of God's Presence!!
I was, indeed, in the church building before anyone else when these words were written, but by the time I finished the third verse, I realized that they could be applied to any of those wonderful places where I meet with God and we commune!
Enjoy that special time with Him and don't let anything in the world embezzle you out of it!

Monday, September 23, 2013

"I hear voices..."

That phrase is enough to invoke tones of 'insanity...'
That phrase is enough to disqualify one from jobs, appointments, promotions, etc.
It will instantly mark you and you may never live it down.
Whether you like it or not, there is a voice that I listen to that tells me what to write.  It tells me what to say to groups and congregations.  That Voice even tells me to walk up to someone during the day and hand them
That Voice tells me to give them things that money cannot buy: a hug, and handshake, a smile.
Have YOU heard That Voice?

So wonderful, the conversation
that I have with God.
The words that I receive from Jesus
some may think quite odd!
"He walks with me and He talks with me..."
we sing with all our hearts,
but put in any other way
that melody departs!

So "I HEAR VOICES!" I proclaim
at mention of my God!
He even gives me rhythm speak
that many still applaud!
I see Him in the morning and
He TELLS ME what to do...
Your heart, it must be willing, though,
to hear Him speak to you.

Why is it so hard to admit that we hear from Him?
Why are we so looked at with a wrinkled brow when explaining that prayer is a conversation, not a monologue?
Tune the heart to listen to Jesus.  He has so many wonderful things to tell you!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Autumn...once more very late,
but God, on time always!
In the earliest arise
and give the Father praise!
Father God, so faithful--right here
when the need appears;
loving God--so generous--
lest we be in arrears!

So wonderful, so humbling,
His Presence in the day.
Without pretense, there He is
with "in-your-face" display!
Other times, there He is
in subtlety unreal;
Father God, to listen to...
to feel!

"Father God, so glorious,
Your great, creative hand;
but even greater be Your mercies
causing us to stand!
We worship You and raise You up,
You Fount of all good things!
All blessing flow from You and, to You,
all creation sings!"

How awesome is the Presence of God at first light!
How wonderful it is to spend the first part of the day with Him, listening...watching...LIVING!
Surely the autumn He creates is glorious, but the glory that He is is far more than seasonal!
See Him today in all of His creation!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Question and Answer...

...well, maybe fewer answers!

Once again to wonder...
(avoid, though, asking "Why?")
I live in luxury and health
while others choke and die...
I see the sunrise glory
while others, they are blind...
I breathe in life alive, that which
others cannot find.

I cannot look at "what might be..."
in reaching out to all.
Issues happen without end,
but I must heed the Call.
Even God Himself told us
that trials, they would be,
but let it not conceal the good
that lives in such as we.

Yet again to wonder
while reveling in "good."
So blessed and highly favored we
in ways God only could!
Yea, God-so very faithful-
our Source for to remain;
no matter what all others do,
In Him be all our gain!

Does this mean that only 'good' ever happens to us?  Of course not!  But, somehow, God takes everything that happens and eventually uses it for His good or turns it into something that we can use to glorify Him.
God has taken and is taking the events in this man's life and using them to reach others...even reach the world through this wonderful tool!
Can you see Him at work in your life?

Friday, September 20, 2013


A truth to boggle the mind: GOD ADOPTS ME!  All things are burned and done away with and I am clothed in every new thing God provides!

I am the righteousness of God,
unto Him I belong!
Becoming yet another verse
of that most blessed song!
He made me to become His own
by sending His own Son-
Jesus is alive within-
what glory is begun!

Adopted by creator God,
One and only One!
He looked upon the works and deeds
that ever I had done,
and chose to call me anyway!
What power in The Blood!
I am accepted as I step
toward Him through the Flood!

Everything is now anew
as I accept His call.
He gives His very best, therefore
to Him I give mine all!
The miracle: adoption-
I am His and He is mine
here and through eternity-
what glorious design!

What glorious truth!
Have you realized that truth in your own life?  There is nothing like it!  There is no more wonderful way to live this life than to be born-again...being made anew by the Blood of Jesus!
Call on Him today!  See chapter 3 of John in the Bible.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Annabelle Joyce

Annabelle Joyce arrived on earth yesterday--happy and healthy!  She and the whole family are doing well.  Thank you for your prayers!

And as I try to focus on
what God would have to say,
there is a photograph of one
who is less than a day...
as I try to listen to
instructions He would give,
I catch the sweet visage of one
who's just begun to live...
as I go to God to find out
what the day will hold,
there's someone else upon my heart
that I would LOVE to hold!!

What a sweet 'distraction' that
is in my life today!
As I rise to be with God
my smile has much to say!
And I have much to say to Him
with gratitude so rife!
For He has blessed this family with
another healthy life!

Rejoice with us, won't you?  And please continue to pray for my children as they adjust to this wonderful little angel that God has blessed them with!
They only thing more painful than not being there for her birth is knowing that we must wait a few weeks to go see them!
I'm counting the days...

Monday, September 16, 2013


The clouds gather...the sky darkens...peace.
In between the barrages, peace is real.
Somehow, during the barrages, peace is real.
When all is done...amidst the damage, peace remains.

In the calm and in the storm,
Jesus, He is peace.
The raging and the fury, unto
Jesus would release.
"Peace, be still..." the only word
required on His part;
sometimes spoken to the storm,
sometimes to the heart.

Peace through all of this?  How is it possible to have peace through all of this?!  It is possible to have peace, but it is a peace that is given, not necessarily achieved.
Jesus is not only The Peace, but He said "My peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you..."
Do you need a greater peace than this world can give?
Is the storm raging in your life and peace is absent?
Has the storm ravaged and you are looking around, crying out for peace?
Cry out to Jesus!!  He is right there and able to do whatever it takes to restore peace.
He is Peace.  Trust Him.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Just a note from those at 'Words to His Servant:'

We are praying for all of you whose lives are marked by this day.  Thank you for the sacrifices that you have made and the resilience that you have demonstrated before us.
Press on.
Press on unto that time when all accounts are settled.
We serve a merciful and just God.  Cling to Him!

In HIS Service,

Just more words...?

Part the pages...

The glory and the majesty-
seen and felt and heard...
the life and, oh, that nourishment
in the Written Word!
Living so alive that I'm
affected as I read...
all my life is caused to change
as I fully cede!

How beautiful--the Word of God,
as I believe the Life!
How vital be the Truth revealed
from ecstasy to strife!!
How real the reality
as verses come to pass;
how living, the abundance-
deep within me to amass!

Yes, so alive, the Living Word
to all that would partake!
But you must devour every page,
that difference for to make!
Take of it but every day
to know its precious worth!
Know it is Jesus Christ Himself
and savor His new birth!

What a glorious 'book...'
what a wonderful 'read...'
what a neat 'story..'
NO WAY!!  That wonderful Bible is LIFE!  Living Life!  It is Jesus Christ in writing!
Don't just 'read' it, LIVE IT!  Daily...constantly!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful Day

Let's start this week off right:

"You're beautiful in all Your ways!"
my heart cries out to You!
My being would seek constant ways
to sing Your praises new!
For even in the lovely dawn
with gentlest of breeze,
noticing Your attributes
comes with the greatest ease!

The cooing of the early doves...
the birds that only 'hummm...'
the voices, many more aloft,
contribute to the sum!
The trees of every living hue,
the blossom and the bloom...
even every sight to sound off-
visions to exhume!!

So beautiful in all Your ways,
oh God, Creator God!
Creation, all, reacts to You,
in worship to applaud!
Oh Father God, I join with them
and give You nothing less-
that adoration You deserve
that NOTHING may suppress!"

Monday morning.
Beautiful Monday morning!
Living Monday morning!
Whatever you do today, do it with vigor as unto the Lord in the beauty of His holiness and the glory of His creation!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best Place

In a place that He created, a place for two alone.
Issues of the day are stripped away and Presence be all that is.
Needs and desires be sharply focused.
Can it be tolerated?

"O make me more like You I cry
here in Your Majesty.
For You are all I ever want
or ever hope to see!
The beauty of Your holiness
I never may attain,
but God, but Father Lord my God,
Your attributes to gain!

In Your Presence, far away
from all that is contrary.
In a place where goodness is
and perfection...VERY!
Being with You, loving You-
fellowship so sweet!
Oh God, oh Father Lord my God,
You make me so complete!

Reveal to me, restore to me
that wonder that You are!
I want to look into Your face
and never from afar!
In Your Your voice,
I grow, I learn, I live!
O make me more like You, Lord,
so more of You I can give!
O, but God my Father,
in this moment, in this place
I only want to see You...feel You...
and partake of grace!"

In a holy place.  NOTHING else pending!  Leaving the 'good' behind so that I can have the BEST!
Find this place with me, won't you?

Jesus the Giver

Is He not everywhere?

Early at the hospital for more tests.
After checking in, I see one of the PromiseKeepers that I have greatly missed.  After greeting and discovering why we were there, he tells me he'll see us later and off to work he goes.

"You are so very generous,
so giving and so good.
I cannot turn my back on You,
(not that I ever would!)
You are so very generous,
so loving and so kind!
Oh God my Father, You are in
my heart, my soul, my mind!

My Father God, so many the
distractions in the day.
I cling to You and focus, though,
upon the Narrow Way.
In doing so, distractions, some
be "opportunities;"
otherwise, You stable me
enduring all of these.
And there, where no distractions are,
Just You and I alone,
Your glory and Your Majesty
are, in abundance, known!
And I am fellowshipping with You-
You, so very giving-
thanking You, enjoying You,
in Your abundance living!"

Off to work he went?  I thought so.  Not so.  After the medical test was over, we "somehow" met again in a hospital hallway and he handed us an envelope.  A very full envelope!  Enough to pay for that day's hospital visit and MUCH more!

What is it that you are concerned about as you read these words?
What are those needs in your life that you think are either too great for the Lord to take care of, or so insignificant that you don't want to bother Him with?  He cares greatly for both, and He is able to take care of them!  ASK HIM!!
Trust Him!
He is The Giver and He is everywhere!

Jesus the Word

Strange are the times indeed...
The uproar about has been great and focused.  One Man has caused such a stir that it seems the whole world is reacting!
I heard that He was speaking today on that mountain over there.  A crowd is already gathered, while greater throngs are pressing toward Him...

Standing in amazement,
hung on every word;
this Man is saying things far more
than we have ever heard!
Deeper for to penetrate
the heart, so very hard...
He cuts away those layers that
have long been very scarred.
The words that He is using,
the ways that He would speak
would conquer every status,
and so become unique;
His eyes would somehow touch each one
that gathers in this place;
from His words there be no hiding,
neither be disgrace.
His conversation makes one think,
but what then be concern?
The deepest of simplicity
He longs for us to learn.
He does so without pressure-
our own hearts, they spur us on;
again, inside His countenance,
facades be seen and gone.

Standing in amazement,
listening to Life;
knowing that I need to change-
His words, they are a knife!
The blade be trimmed with velvet, though,
as they cause men to draw.
Standing in amazement, seeing
what I never saw.

"Standing in amazement..."  even in a crowded sanctuary as Jesus speaks through the one He has placed in that pulpit.
Jesus the Word is so alive that He accomplishes what He is appointed to do:  He saves...He heals...He encourages...He revives...He feeds...He reveals...He ______!
What is it that you need today?  Spend some time in His Living Word and receive!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013



"Thank You for my daddy;
oh God, I love that man!
Thank You for making him my dad
as part of Your great plan!
I know You have a sense of humor,
You gave some to him!
I know You have ordained my life,
that's why they named me "Jim."

But thank You for my daddy.
Oh God, sustain that man!
So frail now be his status,
but see him 'such' I can?
No way!!  For he is just as great
as always he has been:
a major factor in my life,
a pillar amongst men!

Yes, thank You for my daddy and
the wisdom he possesses.
Thank you for his heart...his heart!
For with it he still blesses!
I love that man with all my heart,
I treasure him always;
and I myself would honor him
in each and all my days!"

Yes, I am so very grateful for my dad.  Too often, one waits until it is too late to express such gratitude.  Not this man.  I want the world to know NOW and always what a blessing my dad is and how grateful I am for him!  God gifted me with a wonderful man to call "daddy," and I am not ashamed to say it!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not 'just another day...'

From the crest of Saturday
morning formulates.
The quill, in absolute excitement,
anxiously awaits!
Proof of promise is existing
in the eastern sky;
even stars and planets, they
would brightly prophesy!

Saturday, blest Saturday,
and finally to rest!
Spending all day in the Presence
of the One so blest!
Jesus, blessed Jesus, oh
so wonderful, so real!
Presence for to see and hear,
and to surely feel!
And even to complete the day
when labors may be few,
regardless of the calendar
He is so very new!
Never "just another day..."
with Jesus Christ, so living!
He is alive in all creation
freely, freely giving!

One more day with Jesus.
One more awesome matter what be done!
Enjoy Jesus with whatever you have planned today.  He will make it all the more memorable!


Eternity...have you ever thought about it?  How often do you think about it?
Time will stop...while at the same time going on forever! 
I don't understand.
Some of our loved ones have already stepped into eternity!
God is eternal, but we don't have to wait until eternity to know Him and have a wonderful relationship with Him!

O God, You are eternal,
I do not understand.
Forever we shall be with You
and all that You have planned!
Time will be no longer-
that constant of restraint-
so many concepts, all anew,
across my mind You paint!

Eternity, Lord, with You-
how will we spend the time?
Dancing on the golden streets...
the heights of glory climb...
walking at your side forever
through the landscape there...
catching up with loved ones and
the who, the what, the where?

But Lord, can even this, my mind,
fathom what awaits?
I cannot know here streets of gold,
I can't see pearly gates!
I cannot see how You will have time,
Lord, to spend with me
when there are countless gone before,
and numberless to be!
And there I go again, Lord, trying
to assign a "time..."
I have to have a whole new way
of thinking for to climb
unto a level that will be
so fitting for that...TIME!
Is even it too wonderful
to apprehend in rhyme?!

So beautiful--eternity--
so wonderful, indeed!
And all because of Jesus Christ,
in Whom we have been freed!
Serving Him, it is not always
heaven on this earth,
oh but blessings, even those eternal,
come from that great Birth!!

Make TIME for Jesus Christ in your life.
Make Him Lord and Savior and know that your eternity, (whatever that means!) will be Paradise!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Evening again.  A long day. 
So many things I any less 'busy?'
I KNOW that there will be a break!

"O come, o come expected Lord,
desired for so long!
Jesus--o Thou Son of God,
how lengthy is Your song!!
You are the words, You are the music
of our heart and soul;
we long, so long for Your return
to make our yearnings whole!!

Come, that we may fully know
the Paradise avowed...
come o that our longing hearts
get everything allowed...
come that we may enter in
Your Presence there at last...
come that we may know that Life
that nothing has surpassed!!

Come, o come expected Lord,
we hunger and we thirst!
In the kingdom of our hearts,
oh Lord, we put You first!
Establish here Your kingdom-
that New Heaven and New Earth-
and we shall serve, with joy forever,
You Who give us birth!"

Oh yes, there will be a break soon...for all of them that belong to Jesus!  Are YOU one of them?
Ask Him to be Lord of your life and enjoy that hope and assurance that we do!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feast AND Famine!

In plenty I reside...
so faithful, You provide...
You know what is 'enough,'
and surely not just 'stuff!'

God came by awhile ago,
just like He does always.
With Him, once more, the truth resounds
"His ways are not our ways."
No, so far superior
is that which happened just,
and greater I to cling to Him
Who is "in God we trust!"

How faithful He unto His own,
even if I'm blind!
I know He will provide, but I
cannot see what's designed.
Faithful He to meet the "need"
but He knows each "desire,"
and even they to come our way
trusting Him entire!

"In 'plenty' I reside?
You KNOW what to reside!
So happy with 'enough,'
and surely more than 'stuff!'"

God provides. 
He knows what we need and when...but He is also concerned about the desires of our hearts, and He wants the best for His children.
Live with Him and know that He is not just practical, He is also a lavish and generous Father!