Saturday, August 31, 2013

Upon a hill

So very beautiful is this country that I live in.
So very wonderful are those moments when God stops us in our day and shows us something that will affect us...

Across the rolling valley,
(illuminated bright
by the full moon on the rise,)
there is an awesome sight!
Upon a crested butte, (the gentle
moonlight to enshroud,)
faintly to be seen, a rugged
cross so very proud!
The wonder of the sight as the
beholder stands in awe.
A fresh awareness, yet again,
than last I ever saw!
That, on which the final battle,
it was fought and won,
is revealed unto this man
without the light of sun!

Oh, so very gripping be
this vision in the night!
For there, it was made possible
the scarlet to be white!
And blessed be the Savior there
providing, oh, the same-
the sacrifice for all of men,
and JESUS is His Name!!

Yes, Jesus is His mighty Name!
Keep Him in your heart and be affected by His wonderful reminders!

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