Monday, August 19, 2013


I give as Holy Spirit leads,
and faithful God, He meets my needs...
I give as Jesus tells me to
and answers come into my view!
I give when I cannot see how
and He is steadfast to His vow!
I give when reason can't be seen-
for God is all my way and mean!

How wonderful for to belong
where giving is a blessed song!
Where giving is a way of life...
where giving is beyond all strife!
And gifts--are beyond descript!
And no one, no one will be gypped!
Just call the Father and receive!
Believe...and then again, believe!

O give ye as the Spirit leads
and He will meet, will meet your needs!
And with abundance it will be-
you will surely, surely see!
With joy and liberty, therefore,
give ye...and then give some more!
With Himself will He refill;
the same--for it is His great will!!

And again I will say: YOU CANNOT OUT-GIVE GOD!!  Whatever you give to Him, commit to Him, He will restore to you in abundance as the need arises.  I have lived in His service and seen it too often to tell you otherwise.
Trust Him and know for yourself.

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