Friday, August 2, 2013

The unknown...again...

Once more, the uncertainty,
the weakness and the pain.
Surely God is with me,
that fact is very plain.
He knows how I am feeling
and He is right beside;
His strength for to become my own
as He is deep inside.

The valley...oh, the valley...
I cannot see the end...
Jesus knows, however,
and He is my Best Friend!
His embrace--so healing;
His leading--so secure;
in surrender unto him
I KNOW I shall endure!

Jesus Christ--my certainty,
my healing and my strength!
In His arms He carries me
regardless of the length!
Regardless of activity,
(or the lack thereof,)
He's with me, He approves of me
in His great healing love!

This life has so much uncertainty.  Each and every day every one of us takes a risk...just by LIVING.  But those of us who belong to Jesus Christ have Someone to cling to that will lead us and guide us through the day...because He is eternal--He's already there, tonight, at the end of the day, at the end of what we must go through, still victorious, still in control, still loving us and approving us.
Is He THAT real in your life?

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