Friday, August 23, 2013

The Last Campaign

That Peace.  Yes, that Peace...
But sometimes, life is not that peaceful.  In fact, there is a time ahead when peace will be at a premium.  For some around the world, that time is NOW!
However, Peace is and will still be availed.

Hallelujah!  There is marching unto Zion
a force--the likes of which has never been!
Each of them, a soldier of The Lion!
Most valiant, aye, and stellar-most of men!
They've been proven in the battle of the ages,
and found to be most faithful to the end.
Whether it be in the calm or when it rages,
a peace that passes all and strength they comprehend!

And that peace to be provided by One solely,
to everybody--all-sufficiency!
Around the Same, the legions, they cry "HOLY!"
The Son of God, yea, God the Son is He!
Commander-in-chief, He, the force, is leading
in that victory beyond the veil;
for more troops He, even now, is pleading:
oh, join that last campaign which cannot fail!

The Prince of Peace.
As we see Him riding on a cloud with sword drawn, it hardly looks like "peace!"  But that He remains.  AND VICTOR!
Won't you join His army today?  It is the only way of escape, but it is, oh, so much more than that!

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