Thursday, August 22, 2013

That Voice Within

Once again, Holy Spirit and His great reality...

Whispers to my deep within
that tell of life so true-
a conscience is so present in
the depths of each of you.
And when is taken in the same
the blood of Christ the Lord
it so becomes the Holy Spirit's
most attentive chord!
Oh, but ever-simple is
that conscience deep to rend:
refusal of the Holy Spirit-
His ways to offend!
That is when the searching of
the conscience comes about,
and difficult, at best, the callous
layers are to rout!

Oh, the voice so deep within,
so constant unto all!
As long as they attend that Voice:
the Spirit's gentle call.
The Member of the Godhead, every
step of ours to guide!
Be ye each a yielded vessel,
welcome Him inside!

Holy Spirit is alive around, above, and below each of us, but only when we invite Him to come to life inside of us will we be able to go to the next level in our relationships with God.
Think about it...but don't give it so much thought that you completely give up!
Invite Him into your heart today!

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