Friday, August 16, 2013

That Presence

The Presence of Father God...
The Presence of Jesus Christ...
The Presence of Holy Spirit...all in one place.
Trying to enjoy the fullness of it...

What is greatest in the Presence?
What is more when life is less?
Father God, in all His glory
come to heal and come to bless!
In a place where only noise is
from the branches and the limbs,
I can hear the verses...lyrics...
I can hear entire hymns!

Yea, again, His glory Presence
in the silence, in the roar,
looking into His appearance
causes me to cry for more!
And when He looks into my eyes,
every want and need supply;
Father, Son and Holy Spirit-

What is greatest in His Presence?
'Tis His Presence in Its Own!
Not a chance has ANY writer
to record the Fullness known!
It is only to be lived by
them that dare to seek this place!
Cry out "Holy...holy...holy!"
as you look into His face!

Have you been in that Presence?
Have you ever been so close to Him that you never want to leave?
It is imperative that you seek out that place and spend time with Him...Jesus Christ!
He is already there.  Will you be?

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