Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We have so much to be thankful for. 
How many of us, however, spend more time thinking about what we do not have instead of spending time thanking Him for what we DO have?
And NOT just "things!"

Give thanks, for He is worthy!
So generous is He!
O call upon His Mighty Name
and SEE the victory!
Sing to Him that inside the heart,
the lyric and the verse;
use ALL occasion in this life
to practice and rehearse!

Oh, the works!  The workings of
His great and mighty hands.
So very, very evident
across the varied lands!
Alive with such diversity,
yet He, the common thread.
Give thanks for His great Presence, yes,
and be ye Spirit-led!

Give thanks--a state of living,
a condition of the heart.
It is a life decision--
o man, when will you start!
Give thanks to God Almighty, for
all things are in His hands!
Sing constantly about His love
but all throughout the lands!!

Make gratitude your song today.  Sing it so that all may know just how grateful you are that God is alive and that you belong to Him!

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