Saturday, August 3, 2013


How many colors in the sight
to entertain the morning?
Yet the same to multiply
without any warning!
Time alone to know how the sum
each moment to contain,
my only 'job' is to enjoy
and never call it 'plain!'
And the effort of the writer-
has it any merit?
Oh, but to tap the Spirit's flow
and, with excitement, share it!
He is God, Creator God,
and wondrous are His works-
even in the earliest
as the coffee perks!

The sum for to become a puzzle
without any key,
save for to pique the wonder and
the sight of such as we.
God, Creator God delighting
in the giving of
anything unto the ones
who take of His great love!

What a mighty God we serve!
His creative hands are at work constantly in, around and through us!  Just open your eyes and enjoy Him!

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