Saturday, August 17, 2013

One Day Closer...

The workings of this world are coming to an end at a speed that none can fathom.
Jesus Christ will come and receive the ones that belong to Him " the twinkling of an eye."
But when?

"Come, o come Lord Jesus!
Come quickly, this we pray!
O come in clouds of glory, please,
we long for, oh, the day!
We so desire Heaven shore,
Your Presence for to know! look into Your face,
all cares to overthrow!

Jesus, Jesus, come ye quickly!
Jesus...come ye soon!
We've prepared, Lord, all the night,
the morn...and now it's noon!
We listen for the Trumpet blast
to herald Your arrival-
oh, to be with You at last,
our One and Lone survival!!

Even so, come quickly, Lord,
emotions all aside;
into forever, serving You,
that cloud to be our ride!
But service, Lord, out of desire-
we love You from the heart!
To see eternity with You,
oh Lord, how great Thou art!!"

Yes, He's coming soon.  Coming to take His Beloved away!  How blessed and highly favored are them that are going to go with him! 
Are you one of them?

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