Monday, August 19, 2013


Does it ever occur to you as you are reading The Bible that you are holding Jesus in your hands?
Have you ever had an open conversation with Jesus as you read it?

"Your Word, oh Lord, illuminating
all mine every way!
Keeping me, transforming me,
Your righteousness convey!
Speaking to each situation
I will ever face,
and constantly reminding me
that I am saved by grace!
No, not by any works that ever
I do nor attempt.
For if I clung unto them, Lord,
Your mercy be exempt!
But no!  For I could NEVER do
enough to earn Your favor!
Therefore I cling unto Your grace-
Your attributes to savor!

Your Word, that Lamp unto my feet
and Light unto my path!
The ONLY Way for to escape
the soon, impending wrath!
But now, to daily take of it
and live abundantly!
Jesus, Jesus-Living Word-
in You I'll always be!!"

Yes, Jesus--Living Word!  Let there be NOTHING dissuading or depriving you of a healthy relationship with Him!  Though this life be relentless in its wooing and seducing you, that which Jesus possesses and distributes is far greater...AND ETERNAL!
Know Jesus as your Lord and Savior now.  His IS that Word alive that you hold in your hands and read!

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