Tuesday, August 27, 2013

He Remains!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

My salvation He remains-
the One Who suffered, oh, the pains...
the One Who bore the crimson stains...
the One Who now, in glory, reigns!

For who is like the Risen Lord:
the Maker of that One accord...
epitome of life restored...
Whom there be NONE that can't afford?!
And who is like Almighty God
Who, over rite and ritual, trod
to bring to us a Plan unflawed?

Can lines of rhyming word explain
why Jesus Christ will e'er remain
the grace upon my life to rain
through His eternal, regal reign?

No.  Lines of rhyming words...verses in metre...pictures made with paragraphs...  These are wonderful tools in a writer's arsenal, but they are no match for a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that is what is availed to you! 
Do not refuse such a gift!  Ask Him to be your Savior today!

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