Friday, August 30, 2013

Giver of All!

Confidence--what a wonderful gift!

Knowing once again He will provide...
going where He leads to there reside...
giving what He tells me to and when...
living in His great abundance then!

"Good day, O God Provider.
the glory of Your touch
is everywhere about our lives
and we enjoy it much!
We must but open up our eyes,
Your Presence to behold;
then to open up our mouths
that You be newly told!

O God and great Creator,
a day so good in deed!
Your Blood, it is the liberty,
and we are truly freed!
In nothing else, in not another
does exist our living.
"Good day to You!" do we cry out
as we behold You giving!"

God is so generous and freely giving in so many different ways.
Allow God to give into your life, (and do not put restrictions on Him!) and get ready to receive!

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