Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First things first

Ahhh...that's finally done.  Now, time for Jesus...

Resting after resting-
first thing in the dawn,
while dew is yet to glisten in
the limbs and on the lawn,
He walks with me and talks with me
and orchestrates the day,
assuring me that He will be
in all that comes my way!

In all that comes my way...
in ALL that comes my way...
That doesn't mean that PERFECT will be
everything today.
However, I will have Perfection
ever at my side,
and He will see me through whatever
this day will provide!

Resting after resting-
receiving all the while.
In the calm, to my soul
and spirit comes a smile;
and to my heart and countenance
would come the very same
as I commune with Jesus and
give praise unto His Name!

What a beautiful day.  No matter how busy or hectic it is first thing in the morning, Jesus puts it all into perspective.  It is His day anyway, and He is allowing us to participate in it.
Enjoy it with Him.

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