Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Early, early... we go again? 

Early, early with Him-
There is no other power
with whom to start the days!
There is no other Presence
with Whom to be renewed;
in the early once again
with nary interlude!

Early, early with Him
until assignments are.
And in His awesome Presence
those duties stay afar!
He is so very wonderful,
in Him be such delight!
Be with Him...listen closely...
savor even sight!

Early, early with Him,
any day at all;
counting it so glorious
to be of that Great Call!

Too many wake up each day in dread.  They hear the alarm go off and cry "Not again!"  They even go to bed at night counting the moments until their days off. 
It doesn't have to be like that!
God wants you to live a life of abundance...JOYFUL abundance!  He wants to be included in everything you do...every day!
Make Him first in your day.  You can NEVER get up too early to miss Him!  He wants to spend that precious 'first' time with you.

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