Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another Place

In the silence of another place;
present here due an amazing grace!
Regardless of conditions that have been
arms await as I hear "Enter in."
One only is this place where I recover.
Jesus Christ, my Savior...Healer...Lover.
His instructions are so very few,
yet, as I obey, I am brand new!

In the silence, I am made to rest.
With His only newness I am blest!
Jesus, Jesus--One and only Source!
I am born-again with awesome force!
Jesus, Jesus--perfect love always?
I find Him fast regardless of the days!
No matter who, what, where this man has been
His arms embrace me and He keeps me in!

O wonderful the silence of this place!
The greatest of reality to face!
The ultimate of anyone's embrace
I feel as I look into His face!
His countenance to heal and restore;
the deepest of my heart to cry for more!
"Jesus, Lord, may parting NEVER be!
In ALL of time I want You here by me!"

Oh, the crying of the heart when you are this close to God.  It is a cry that only Jesus can satisfy...and He is more than happy to!  Find this place.  Find it often!

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