Friday, August 9, 2013

Above the damage

Looking out across the land today...
Yes, surveying the damage, but noticing something far more prevalent: the proof of God through His handiwork...

Rolling hills afar-
how many layers are?
If each a different shade,
then seventeen are made!
How many lives contain?
the questions rise again...

But God, but God He knows-
anticipation grows!

"Oh God, You fascinate me,
the workings of Your hand!
The glorious creation,

the majesty of land
and, yes, the boundless heavens-
today of richest hue!
Oh Father God, I am so blessed
to know the touch of You!"

Take time today to notice the glory of God's creation.  It's worth it.  He is worth it!  No matter what is in your sight, you can see God at work if you look hard enough.
Those of you affected by these floodwaters, you are in our prayers.  Keep the faith!

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