Saturday, August 31, 2013

Upon a hill

So very beautiful is this country that I live in.
So very wonderful are those moments when God stops us in our day and shows us something that will affect us...

Across the rolling valley,
(illuminated bright
by the full moon on the rise,)
there is an awesome sight!
Upon a crested butte, (the gentle
moonlight to enshroud,)
faintly to be seen, a rugged
cross so very proud!
The wonder of the sight as the
beholder stands in awe.
A fresh awareness, yet again,
than last I ever saw!
That, on which the final battle,
it was fought and won,
is revealed unto this man
without the light of sun!

Oh, so very gripping be
this vision in the night!
For there, it was made possible
the scarlet to be white!
And blessed be the Savior there
providing, oh, the same-
the sacrifice for all of men,
and JESUS is His Name!!

Yes, Jesus is His mighty Name!
Keep Him in your heart and be affected by His wonderful reminders!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Giver of All!

Confidence--what a wonderful gift!

Knowing once again He will provide...
going where He leads to there reside...
giving what He tells me to and when...
living in His great abundance then!

"Good day, O God Provider.
the glory of Your touch
is everywhere about our lives
and we enjoy it much!
We must but open up our eyes,
Your Presence to behold;
then to open up our mouths
that You be newly told!

O God and great Creator,
a day so good in deed!
Your Blood, it is the liberty,
and we are truly freed!
In nothing else, in not another
does exist our living.
"Good day to You!" do we cry out
as we behold You giving!"

God is so generous and freely giving in so many different ways.
Allow God to give into your life, (and do not put restrictions on Him!) and get ready to receive!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First things first

Ahhh...that's finally done.  Now, time for Jesus...

Resting after resting-
first thing in the dawn,
while dew is yet to glisten in
the limbs and on the lawn,
He walks with me and talks with me
and orchestrates the day,
assuring me that He will be
in all that comes my way!

In all that comes my way...
in ALL that comes my way...
That doesn't mean that PERFECT will be
everything today.
However, I will have Perfection
ever at my side,
and He will see me through whatever
this day will provide!

Resting after resting-
receiving all the while.
In the calm, to my soul
and spirit comes a smile;
and to my heart and countenance
would come the very same
as I commune with Jesus and
give praise unto His Name!

What a beautiful day.  No matter how busy or hectic it is first thing in the morning, Jesus puts it all into perspective.  It is His day anyway, and He is allowing us to participate in it.
Enjoy it with Him.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doers of The Word

"Once again to hear Your voice,
to listen and respond.
A 'hearer' of the Living Word-
I must go far beyond!
I have to act upon these words,
for they are Life and living;
for then to get the most out of
the gift that You are giving!"

"Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only."
The Word of God is very clear that we must do something with what we hear and read.  We are inside of a starving world.  We possess the only thing that will satisfy that hunger.  He is alive inside of our hearts, but we are to dispense that Life wherever we are!
Go for it!

He Remains!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

My salvation He remains-
the One Who suffered, oh, the pains...
the One Who bore the crimson stains...
the One Who now, in glory, reigns!

For who is like the Risen Lord:
the Maker of that One accord...
epitome of life restored...
Whom there be NONE that can't afford?!
And who is like Almighty God
Who, over rite and ritual, trod
to bring to us a Plan unflawed?

Can lines of rhyming word explain
why Jesus Christ will e'er remain
the grace upon my life to rain
through His eternal, regal reign?

No.  Lines of rhyming words...verses in made with paragraphs...  These are wonderful tools in a writer's arsenal, but they are no match for a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that is what is availed to you! 
Do not refuse such a gift!  Ask Him to be your Savior today!

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Last Campaign

That Peace.  Yes, that Peace...
But sometimes, life is not that peaceful.  In fact, there is a time ahead when peace will be at a premium.  For some around the world, that time is NOW!
However, Peace is and will still be availed.

Hallelujah!  There is marching unto Zion
a force--the likes of which has never been!
Each of them, a soldier of The Lion!
Most valiant, aye, and stellar-most of men!
They've been proven in the battle of the ages,
and found to be most faithful to the end.
Whether it be in the calm or when it rages,
a peace that passes all and strength they comprehend!

And that peace to be provided by One solely,
to everybody--all-sufficiency!
Around the Same, the legions, they cry "HOLY!"
The Son of God, yea, God the Son is He!
Commander-in-chief, He, the force, is leading
in that victory beyond the veil;
for more troops He, even now, is pleading:
oh, join that last campaign which cannot fail!

The Prince of Peace.
As we see Him riding on a cloud with sword drawn, it hardly looks like "peace!"  But that He remains.  AND VICTOR!
Won't you join His army today?  It is the only way of escape, but it is, oh, so much more than that!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

That Voice Within

Once again, Holy Spirit and His great reality...

Whispers to my deep within
that tell of life so true-
a conscience is so present in
the depths of each of you.
And when is taken in the same
the blood of Christ the Lord
it so becomes the Holy Spirit's
most attentive chord!
Oh, but ever-simple is
that conscience deep to rend:
refusal of the Holy Spirit-
His ways to offend!
That is when the searching of
the conscience comes about,
and difficult, at best, the callous
layers are to rout!

Oh, the voice so deep within,
so constant unto all!
As long as they attend that Voice:
the Spirit's gentle call.
The Member of the Godhead, every
step of ours to guide!
Be ye each a yielded vessel,
welcome Him inside!

Holy Spirit is alive around, above, and below each of us, but only when we invite Him to come to life inside of us will we be able to go to the next level in our relationships with God.
Think about it...but don't give it so much thought that you completely give up!
Invite Him into your heart today!

Monday, August 19, 2013


I give as Holy Spirit leads,
and faithful God, He meets my needs...
I give as Jesus tells me to
and answers come into my view!
I give when I cannot see how
and He is steadfast to His vow!
I give when reason can't be seen-
for God is all my way and mean!

How wonderful for to belong
where giving is a blessed song!
Where giving is a way of life...
where giving is beyond all strife!
And gifts--are beyond descript!
And no one, no one will be gypped!
Just call the Father and receive!
Believe...and then again, believe!

O give ye as the Spirit leads
and He will meet, will meet your needs!
And with abundance it will be-
you will surely, surely see!
With joy and liberty, therefore,
give ye...and then give some more!
With Himself will He refill;
the same--for it is His great will!!

And again I will say: YOU CANNOT OUT-GIVE GOD!!  Whatever you give to Him, commit to Him, He will restore to you in abundance as the need arises.  I have lived in His service and seen it too often to tell you otherwise.
Trust Him and know for yourself.


Does it ever occur to you as you are reading The Bible that you are holding Jesus in your hands?
Have you ever had an open conversation with Jesus as you read it?

"Your Word, oh Lord, illuminating
all mine every way!
Keeping me, transforming me,
Your righteousness convey!
Speaking to each situation
I will ever face,
and constantly reminding me
that I am saved by grace!
No, not by any works that ever
I do nor attempt.
For if I clung unto them, Lord,
Your mercy be exempt!
But no!  For I could NEVER do
enough to earn Your favor!
Therefore I cling unto Your grace-
Your attributes to savor!

Your Word, that Lamp unto my feet
and Light unto my path!
The ONLY Way for to escape
the soon, impending wrath!
But now, to daily take of it
and live abundantly!
Jesus, Jesus-Living Word-
in You I'll always be!!"

Yes, Jesus--Living Word!  Let there be NOTHING dissuading or depriving you of a healthy relationship with Him!  Though this life be relentless in its wooing and seducing you, that which Jesus possesses and distributes is far greater...AND ETERNAL!
Know Jesus as your Lord and Savior now.  His IS that Word alive that you hold in your hands and read!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


In the calm, in the quiet, before the day begins...

The splendor of the morning-
life, and life alive!
In the boughs and in the branches
listen to them as they thrive!
Take a breath for life so simple
'fore the hours start;
recognize Him, oh so present,
and You will be smart!

Spend a moment with Jesus Christ in the beginning, and He will see you through to the end.
This is a truth of life...but it also holds true for each and every day of that life!  Walk with Him and talk with Him and He will escort You through your whole day!

One Day Closer...

The workings of this world are coming to an end at a speed that none can fathom.
Jesus Christ will come and receive the ones that belong to Him " the twinkling of an eye."
But when?

"Come, o come Lord Jesus!
Come quickly, this we pray!
O come in clouds of glory, please,
we long for, oh, the day!
We so desire Heaven shore,
Your Presence for to know! look into Your face,
all cares to overthrow!

Jesus, Jesus, come ye quickly!
Jesus...come ye soon!
We've prepared, Lord, all the night,
the morn...and now it's noon!
We listen for the Trumpet blast
to herald Your arrival-
oh, to be with You at last,
our One and Lone survival!!

Even so, come quickly, Lord,
emotions all aside;
into forever, serving You,
that cloud to be our ride!
But service, Lord, out of desire-
we love You from the heart!
To see eternity with You,
oh Lord, how great Thou art!!"

Yes, He's coming soon.  Coming to take His Beloved away!  How blessed and highly favored are them that are going to go with him! 
Are you one of them?

Friday, August 16, 2013

That Presence

The Presence of Father God...
The Presence of Jesus Christ...
The Presence of Holy Spirit...all in one place.
Trying to enjoy the fullness of it...

What is greatest in the Presence?
What is more when life is less?
Father God, in all His glory
come to heal and come to bless!
In a place where only noise is
from the branches and the limbs,
I can hear the verses...lyrics...
I can hear entire hymns!

Yea, again, His glory Presence
in the silence, in the roar,
looking into His appearance
causes me to cry for more!
And when He looks into my eyes,
every want and need supply;
Father, Son and Holy Spirit-

What is greatest in His Presence?
'Tis His Presence in Its Own!
Not a chance has ANY writer
to record the Fullness known!
It is only to be lived by
them that dare to seek this place!
Cry out "Holy...holy...holy!"
as you look into His face!

Have you been in that Presence?
Have you ever been so close to Him that you never want to leave?
It is imperative that you seek out that place and spend time with Him...Jesus Christ!
He is already there.  Will you be?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Early, early... we go again? 

Early, early with Him-
There is no other power
with whom to start the days!
There is no other Presence
with Whom to be renewed;
in the early once again
with nary interlude!

Early, early with Him
until assignments are.
And in His awesome Presence
those duties stay afar!
He is so very wonderful,
in Him be such delight!
Be with Him...listen closely...
savor even sight!

Early, early with Him,
any day at all;
counting it so glorious
to be of that Great Call!

Too many wake up each day in dread.  They hear the alarm go off and cry "Not again!"  They even go to bed at night counting the moments until their days off. 
It doesn't have to be like that!
God wants you to live a life of abundance...JOYFUL abundance!  He wants to be included in everything you do...every day!
Make Him first in your day.  You can NEVER get up too early to miss Him!  He wants to spend that precious 'first' time with you.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We have so much to be thankful for. 
How many of us, however, spend more time thinking about what we do not have instead of spending time thanking Him for what we DO have?
And NOT just "things!"

Give thanks, for He is worthy!
So generous is He!
O call upon His Mighty Name
and SEE the victory!
Sing to Him that inside the heart,
the lyric and the verse;
use ALL occasion in this life
to practice and rehearse!

Oh, the works!  The workings of
His great and mighty hands.
So very, very evident
across the varied lands!
Alive with such diversity,
yet He, the common thread.
Give thanks for His great Presence, yes,
and be ye Spirit-led!

Give thanks--a state of living,
a condition of the heart.
It is a life decision--
o man, when will you start!
Give thanks to God Almighty, for
all things are in His hands!
Sing constantly about His love
but all throughout the lands!!

Make gratitude your song today.  Sing it so that all may know just how grateful you are that God is alive and that you belong to Him!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Above the damage

Looking out across the land today...
Yes, surveying the damage, but noticing something far more prevalent: the proof of God through His handiwork...

Rolling hills afar-
how many layers are?
If each a different shade,
then seventeen are made!
How many lives contain?
the questions rise again...

But God, but God He knows-
anticipation grows!

"Oh God, You fascinate me,
the workings of Your hand!
The glorious creation,

the majesty of land
and, yes, the boundless heavens-
today of richest hue!
Oh Father God, I am so blessed
to know the touch of You!"

Take time today to notice the glory of God's creation.  It's worth it.  He is worth it!  No matter what is in your sight, you can see God at work if you look hard enough.
Those of you affected by these floodwaters, you are in our prayers.  Keep the faith!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What day?

Monday morning...
the song of birds...
the constant drone of traffic across the valley on the ridge...
the voice of God our Father and the workings of His mighty hands...

"You are my God,
Ruler over all I see;
Kings and kingdoms, one and all,
to You shall bend the knee!
Grace and favor to the ones
who do so willingly!
King of my life
You will forever be!"

Monday us. 
But what is it to Him Who is not defined by time?  Just another day?
There is that restraint again!
It's just another NOW for Him to be His creative, generous, merciful Self!
Monday morning...enjoy God with me!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


How many colors in the sight
to entertain the morning?
Yet the same to multiply
without any warning!
Time alone to know how the sum
each moment to contain,
my only 'job' is to enjoy
and never call it 'plain!'
And the effort of the writer-
has it any merit?
Oh, but to tap the Spirit's flow
and, with excitement, share it!
He is God, Creator God,
and wondrous are His works-
even in the earliest
as the coffee perks!

The sum for to become a puzzle
without any key,
save for to pique the wonder and
the sight of such as we.
God, Creator God delighting
in the giving of
anything unto the ones
who take of His great love!

What a mighty God we serve!
His creative hands are at work constantly in, around and through us!  Just open your eyes and enjoy Him!

Another Place

In the silence of another place;
present here due an amazing grace!
Regardless of conditions that have been
arms await as I hear "Enter in."
One only is this place where I recover.
Jesus Christ, my Savior...Healer...Lover.
His instructions are so very few,
yet, as I obey, I am brand new!

In the silence, I am made to rest.
With His only newness I am blest!
Jesus, Jesus--One and only Source!
I am born-again with awesome force!
Jesus, Jesus--perfect love always?
I find Him fast regardless of the days!
No matter who, what, where this man has been
His arms embrace me and He keeps me in!

O wonderful the silence of this place!
The greatest of reality to face!
The ultimate of anyone's embrace
I feel as I look into His face!
His countenance to heal and restore;
the deepest of my heart to cry for more!
"Jesus, Lord, may parting NEVER be!
In ALL of time I want You here by me!"

Oh, the crying of the heart when you are this close to God.  It is a cry that only Jesus can satisfy...and He is more than happy to!  Find this place.  Find it often!

Friday, August 2, 2013

The unknown...again...

Once more, the uncertainty,
the weakness and the pain.
Surely God is with me,
that fact is very plain.
He knows how I am feeling
and He is right beside;
His strength for to become my own
as He is deep inside.

The valley...oh, the valley...
I cannot see the end...
Jesus knows, however,
and He is my Best Friend!
His embrace--so healing;
His leading--so secure;
in surrender unto him
I KNOW I shall endure!

Jesus Christ--my certainty,
my healing and my strength!
In His arms He carries me
regardless of the length!
Regardless of activity,
(or the lack thereof,)
He's with me, He approves of me
in His great healing love!

This life has so much uncertainty.  Each and every day every one of us takes a risk...just by LIVING.  But those of us who belong to Jesus Christ have Someone to cling to that will lead us and guide us through the day...because He is eternal--He's already there, tonight, at the end of the day, at the end of what we must go through, still victorious, still in control, still loving us and approving us.
Is He THAT real in your life?