Monday, July 22, 2013

Worship first!

All for the glory of God.
All to bless and be able to bless the Lord...even in the business of the day:

The busyness...the bustle...
the things that never end...
the lists and the requirements
that I cannot defend...
Oh, but there is one locale
where all of this is past,
and there is One residing there
Who takes my burden fast!
Yes, in the arm of Jesus
I can stand secure!
Only in His firm embrace
will ever we endure!
In His Presence is a rest
like not another found;
in His Presence we are blessed
with living that is sound!

The busyness, the bustle,
for it shall not prevent
time with Jesus Christ alive-
what precious living spent!
For even IN the bustle, even
IN the busyness,
He directs my very bark-
all avenues to bless!

I know it's Monday.  I know that there is much to get caught up on at the job.  I know that there is __________!  But time with Jesus to start this week, to start this day is far more important than what is pending!  Don't miss ANY opportunity to be in His Presence for a time of worship!

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