Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Waging Peace

How priceless to become the peace
when peace is not around!
Its value to acquaint itself
when it cannot be found?
Even more so in a place
where two cannot agree-
there, the Presence of the Lord
assuredly need be!
Too often peace is sacrificed
just to prove one right.
The demanding of a way
diminishes delight!
Just so that one can get their way
what sacrifices are!
Is it right?  Is it fair?
The answer is not far!

"How wonderful is simple peace,"
the psalmist said it well!
The simplest becomes the best
when hearts do not rebel!
When set aside is my own will
in interest of another,
peace is surely to result;
and I might gain a brother!

Somehow, possessions and position lose significance when they cannot be enjoyed.  The less peace we have in our lives, the more we attempt to fill that void with other 'things,' thus making peace that much more valuable.
That Peace that trumps all other, and all other things, is found in Jesus Christ...and it be Jesus Himself, the Prince of Peace!  Know Him for yourself and savor that peace that be above all competition, possession, and compromise!

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