Friday, July 19, 2013


No matter what the day may hold, Jesus never fails...

Jesus keeps me up whene'er
this life would take me down.
He puts a smile upon my life
when living bids me frown.
He causes storms of life to yield
growth and growth anew;
He sees the harvest to be good,
and clarifies he view.

Jesus--He delivers me
from storms of every kind.
He is the One escorting me
when passage is designed.
He is the One far greater!
He is the Lord of ALL!
He is the One that keeps me "up"
whatever bids me fall!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus-
my Lord and so much more!
I worship Him, I serve Him,
I love Him and adore!

Jesus is all you ever need.  He is shelter from the storm...He is escort through the storm...His Word even declares that He rides upon the storm!  So the next time the storm strikes fear into you, recall Jesus--the One Who is greater than any storm!

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