Monday, July 1, 2013

Time is short!

Again, we are reminded that this world will not go on forever.  This time, the message is gleaned from 1 John, chapters 1 & 2:

The hour, it approaches-
the same, it is upon.
Why does it seem that charity
and innocence are gone?
So vast is the deception;

deceivers, they abound-
everywhere, in everyone,
corruption to be found!

"Take heart, my little children!
For Hope is to remain!
There is a remnant, and His grace
will rise, will rise again!
For there is good in every man
despite the evidence,
and it shall shine through every trial
evoking recompense!"

The hour, it approaches;
behold, behold The Day!
Stand fast to your convictions as
you serve the Life, the Way!
The Light that is within you must
illuminate the course;
the Love that is within you be
that overwhelming Force!

With Jesus Christ alive inside of us, we must be such life to this world that they be drawn to Jesus!  Please pray for this man that he may do just that as he goes about the steps ordered for him.
Thank you.

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