Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No distractions

Morning again.
Sunrise is not quite yet, but glorious proof of it is!
Enjoy it with me...

Once again and early...
anyone beside?
One so deep within us,
matching every stride!
The pace is not to matter-
just knowing He is near
makes the pathway possible
and the steps more clear.

Also in the early
the glory of His touch
upon all His creation-
enjoy it very much!
He walks with us, He talks with us
affecting all of living:
Father God, Jesus Christ
and Holy Spirit giving!

how many recognize?
But God is oh so evident
to life that dares to rise!
See Him in the earliest,
walk with him alone-
victory throughout the day
for surely to be known!

The earliest of the day...so vital, so valuable!  How do you spend it?
Why not spend that time with the very One Who created it?
He wants to spend it with you!

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