Sunday, July 7, 2013


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!"

How healthy be the laughter!
How vast the sources be!
So precious, each experience
to feel and to see!
What a blest relief from every
challenge of the day--
never be so bound that these
be fallen by the way!

So needed is the laughter;
so vital be he smile!
(Such a very blest escape,
if only for awhile!)
And necessary be the One
Who made us to know joy!
For His Own joy-it be our strength
that e'er we must employ!

So wonderful the laughter-
enjoy it's health so oft!
In the midst of daily trial
set your heart aloft!
There are so many things to do,
so many labors are;
oh, but that healing laughter--let it
never be afar!

Lighten up!
Yes, there is much work to do in a dying world, but God always makes a way for us to rest along the way. 
Enjoy every moment of it.

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