Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Labor of love

All for the glory of God.
Why do you have what you have?
Why are you in that place where you are?

People come and go,
so many things they know!
A story have they each;
would any dare to reach?
Emotions run the scale;
so much do they avail!
In reaping what is sown
will mercy become known?
Everyone is ripe
no matter how they gripe.
Each life has a point
the Spirit to anoint!
So reach to them always
and God will get all praise!
In every living phase
"His ways are not our ways!"

Is the life you live bringing glory to God?
Is God Himself seen in that life you are living?
You are who, what and where you are so that God can be glorified through you.
Rise to the occasion!

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