Monday, July 8, 2013

Just "Words?"

"My words, oh Lord, cannot explain...
the universes can't contain
the wonder and the majesty You are!
When I want to be with You,
when there is conversation due,
I never have to do it from afar!
Though You are great and so immense,
I do not ever have to flinch-
for You reach out and fully take me in;
You dust me off and stand me up,
You feed me and You fill my cup
regardless who or what or where I've been.

My words have little use at times.
Though freely flow the precious rhymes,
very few may capture Who You are.
I must live, (and not merely talk!)
for a far more completed walk;
I want You, Lord...and never from afar!"

Words...words...words...  "all I have?" 
Surely not!  They seem so insufficient at insignificant.  But I do have a whole life for Him Who gives me life!  He is certainly worthy of all that I have or am, but He so loves the words that come from His Own!
Take time to converse with Him!

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