Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gifts anew

"What a beautiful day!"
"How wonderful to be alive!"
Wonderful because there are no cares at all?  Of course not!  Wonderful because we can cast all that we are, all that we have, to Jesus!!

"Songs of adoration sing
unto You, our only King!
Praise and worship always due,
Father God, to only You!

Every cloud a shadow thrown
in the light of Glory known.
In the earliest of day,
God our Father, have Your way!

All of life to know illume...
that inside us to exhume...
Yes, even in the earliest
You cause everything be blessed!

But may we bless and glorify
the Life You are, God Most High?
For You are worth the life we live
and all that we would dare to give!"

I dare you to give everything to God!
I promise you, any and all things you give will be returned to you...and multiplied!  You cannot out-give God!  And if you think this is only referring to money, go back to the top and start over!  God is worthy of more than mere "percentage!"

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