Saturday, July 20, 2013


The world has an attitude.
Are you going to let it affect your own?

"Attitudes and actions-
direct us, Lord, we pray!"
So intense be life, it seems,
here in the latter day.
So busy with all business...
but how do we slow down?
How do we put a smile and laugh
in place of living's frown?

So very real is this life,
but so is that beyond!
Oh help us to seek THAT life and,
of this life, be less fond!
Help us to seek those treasures that
be stored so high above,
and go forth, Lord, with YOUR agenda
freely giving love!

Freely, freely we receive-
You are so good, oh Lord!
You have so much for us to do-
oh be there no discord!
But God, beyond all attitudes
You reign and You direct!
We ask, Lord, that in ALL our living
You have great effect!"

Living each day for Him.
Living every moment for His Kingdom!
It's not all celebration.  It's not always smiles and laughter, but God sees to it that the lives we live are productive, (if we let Him!)  And that smile and that laughter is there to hearten us to press on.
Enjoy the joy that God will even strengthen you through those occasions that are not so joyous.

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