Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All for the glory of God!

"All for the glory of God."
In this world in which we live, is it possible to live that way?
Amidst the wars and rumors of wars, is it possible to be at peace and do all things for His glory?

Regardless of the issues...
regardless of events...
in spite of all that's happening...
no matter 'consequence,'
each day has an order;
life-it will go on;
and the touch of God Most High
not ever will be gone!*

For God has been far longer than
the issues that arise.
He knows completely everything-
for He is ever wise!
He will escort, He will guide
through every situation;
surely knowing what will come,
and set in preparation!

So very many issues,
so constant, the events;
but God, for now retains control
and helps us to make sense.
He knows who belongs to Him
and them He will protect!
Until that day that is appointed
His love will direct.

All for His glory.
God will surely cause all things to work together FOR HIS GOOD.  We cannot see it.  We cannot understand it.  But His promises will NEVER fail!

*As long as we are here.

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