Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Covering

They did it again...
Someone said it again...
Doesn't anyone care?

Once again in need-
who will intercede?
Compassion overdue...
is this anything new?
Everyone in need!
Desperately to plead.
Can ANY understand?!
Relief, though, IT IS PLANNED!

"O come, o come Lord Jesus.
For You know every heart.
You know just how to touch each one,
blest mercy to impart.
Your love, it is so healing;
Your grace, it is so real!
You know what we are going through,
You know what we conceal.
Jesus, healing Jesus,
for there is not another!
You reach that level just beyond
the treatment of my brother.
You see where every damage is-
the injury, the pain;
for You embrace us where we are
and healing is our gain!"

Once again in need
and no thing will impede!
Grace is The Covering:
so very much to bring!
And all in Jesus, Lord-
So precious and adored!
Compassion in its' whole:

We are a needy people.
Only Jesus understands each of those needs and ministers exclusively. 
Have you been there?  Have you been in such a need?  Are you there now?  Don't let anything or anyone prevent you from running to the arms of Jesus!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Labor of love

All for the glory of God.
Why do you have what you have?
Why are you in that place where you are?

People come and go,
so many things they know!
A story have they each;
would any dare to reach?
Emotions run the scale;
so much do they avail!
In reaping what is sown
will mercy become known?
Everyone is ripe
no matter how they gripe.
Each life has a point
the Spirit to anoint!
So reach to them always
and God will get all praise!
In every living phase
"His ways are not our ways!"

Is the life you live bringing glory to God?
Is God Himself seen in that life you are living?
You are who, what and where you are so that God can be glorified through you.
Rise to the occasion!

All for the glory of God!

"All for the glory of God."
In this world in which we live, is it possible to live that way?
Amidst the wars and rumors of wars, is it possible to be at peace and do all things for His glory?

Regardless of the issues...
regardless of events...
in spite of all that's happening...
no matter 'consequence,'
each day has an order;
life-it will go on;
and the touch of God Most High
not ever will be gone!*

For God has been far longer than
the issues that arise.
He knows completely everything-
for He is ever wise!
He will escort, He will guide
through every situation;
surely knowing what will come,
and set in preparation!

So very many issues,
so constant, the events;
but God, for now retains control
and helps us to make sense.
He knows who belongs to Him
and them He will protect!
Until that day that is appointed
His love will direct.

All for His glory.
God will surely cause all things to work together FOR HIS GOOD.  We cannot see it.  We cannot understand it.  But His promises will NEVER fail!

*As long as we are here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Worship first!

All for the glory of God.
All to bless and be able to bless the Lord...even in the business of the day:

The busyness...the bustle...
the things that never end...
the lists and the requirements
that I cannot defend...
Oh, but there is one locale
where all of this is past,
and there is One residing there
Who takes my burden fast!
Yes, in the arm of Jesus
I can stand secure!
Only in His firm embrace
will ever we endure!
In His Presence is a rest
like not another found;
in His Presence we are blessed
with living that is sound!

The busyness, the bustle,
for it shall not prevent
time with Jesus Christ alive-
what precious living spent!
For even IN the bustle, even
IN the busyness,
He directs my very bark-
all avenues to bless!

I know it's Monday.  I know that there is much to get caught up on at the job.  I know that there is __________!  But time with Jesus to start this week, to start this day is far more important than what is pending!  Don't miss ANY opportunity to be in His Presence for a time of worship!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Living Song!

How wonderful--the brand new song,
the song unto the Lord!
Sing unto Him that song anew
and joy be your reward!
There is a melody resounding
from no other source;
Jesus Christ alive, alive!
O sing that glory force!

How wonderful, that song not even
silence may effect!
Words and melody so vital
unto the elect!
Even them that are without
are drawn unto that verse!
That living song, anew no matter
how much we rehearse!

"Jesus Christ, o living Song,
we sing of You always!
Songs of adoration, yes,
and melodies of praise!
There is none like You, for we
are testaments alive
that You are Life and life anew--
in You alone we thrive!"

Oh Yes!  SING IT! 
Sing to Him that song anew that is so deep within each of us!
Sing to Him when it doesn't make any sense to sing!
Sing to Him when it doesn't feel good!
SING!  For Jesus Christ is worthy!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The world has an attitude.
Are you going to let it affect your own?

"Attitudes and actions-
direct us, Lord, we pray!"
So intense be life, it seems,
here in the latter day.
So busy with all business...
but how do we slow down?
How do we put a smile and laugh
in place of living's frown?

So very real is this life,
but so is that beyond!
Oh help us to seek THAT life and,
of this life, be less fond!
Help us to seek those treasures that
be stored so high above,
and go forth, Lord, with YOUR agenda
freely giving love!

Freely, freely we receive-
You are so good, oh Lord!
You have so much for us to do-
oh be there no discord!
But God, beyond all attitudes
You reign and You direct!
We ask, Lord, that in ALL our living
You have great effect!"

Living each day for Him.
Living every moment for His Kingdom!
It's not all celebration.  It's not always smiles and laughter, but God sees to it that the lives we live are productive, (if we let Him!)  And that smile and that laughter is there to hearten us to press on.
Enjoy the joy that God will even strengthen you through those occasions that are not so joyous.

Friday, July 19, 2013


No matter what the day may hold, Jesus never fails...

Jesus keeps me up whene'er
this life would take me down.
He puts a smile upon my life
when living bids me frown.
He causes storms of life to yield
growth and growth anew;
He sees the harvest to be good,
and clarifies he view.

Jesus--He delivers me
from storms of every kind.
He is the One escorting me
when passage is designed.
He is the One far greater!
He is the Lord of ALL!
He is the One that keeps me "up"
whatever bids me fall!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus-
my Lord and so much more!
I worship Him, I serve Him,
I love Him and adore!

Jesus is all you ever need.  He is shelter from the storm...He is escort through the storm...His Word even declares that He rides upon the storm!  So the next time the storm strikes fear into you, recall Jesus--the One Who is greater than any storm!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gifts anew

"What a beautiful day!"
"How wonderful to be alive!"
Wonderful because there are no cares at all?  Of course not!  Wonderful because we can cast all that we are, all that we have, to Jesus!!

"Songs of adoration sing
unto You, our only King!
Praise and worship always due,
Father God, to only You!

Every cloud a shadow thrown
in the light of Glory known.
In the earliest of day,
God our Father, have Your way!

All of life to know illume...
that inside us to exhume...
Yes, even in the earliest
You cause everything be blessed!

But may we bless and glorify
the Life You are, God Most High?
For You are worth the life we live
and all that we would dare to give!"

I dare you to give everything to God!
I promise you, any and all things you give will be returned to you...and multiplied!  You cannot out-give God!  And if you think this is only referring to money, go back to the top and start over!  God is worthy of more than mere "percentage!"

Monday, July 8, 2013

Just "Words?"

"My words, oh Lord, cannot explain...
the universes can't contain
the wonder and the majesty You are!
When I want to be with You,
when there is conversation due,
I never have to do it from afar!
Though You are great and so immense,
I do not ever have to flinch-
for You reach out and fully take me in;
You dust me off and stand me up,
You feed me and You fill my cup
regardless who or what or where I've been.

My words have little use at times.
Though freely flow the precious rhymes,
very few may capture Who You are.
I must live, (and not merely talk!)
for a far more completed walk;
I want You, Lord...and never from afar!"

Words...words...words...  "all I have?" 
Surely not!  They seem so insufficient at insignificant.  But I do have a whole life for Him Who gives me life!  He is certainly worthy of all that I have or am, but He so loves the words that come from His Own!
Take time to converse with Him!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!"

How healthy be the laughter!
How vast the sources be!
So precious, each experience
to feel and to see!
What a blest relief from every
challenge of the day--
never be so bound that these
be fallen by the way!

So needed is the laughter;
so vital be he smile!
(Such a very blest escape,
if only for awhile!)
And necessary be the One
Who made us to know joy!
For His Own joy-it be our strength
that e'er we must employ!

So wonderful the laughter-
enjoy it's health so oft!
In the midst of daily trial
set your heart aloft!
There are so many things to do,
so many labors are;
oh, but that healing laughter--let it
never be afar!

Lighten up!
Yes, there is much work to do in a dying world, but God always makes a way for us to rest along the way. 
Enjoy every moment of it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No distractions

Morning again.
Sunrise is not quite yet, but glorious proof of it is!
Enjoy it with me...

Once again and early...
anyone beside?
One so deep within us,
matching every stride!
The pace is not to matter-
just knowing He is near
makes the pathway possible
and the steps more clear.

Also in the early
the glory of His touch
upon all His creation-
enjoy it very much!
He walks with us, He talks with us
affecting all of living:
Father God, Jesus Christ
and Holy Spirit giving!

how many recognize?
But God is oh so evident
to life that dares to rise!
See Him in the earliest,
walk with him alone-
victory throughout the day
for surely to be known!

The earliest of the vital, so valuable!  How do you spend it?
Why not spend that time with the very One Who created it?
He wants to spend it with you!

Waging Peace

How priceless to become the peace
when peace is not around!
Its value to acquaint itself
when it cannot be found?
Even more so in a place
where two cannot agree-
there, the Presence of the Lord
assuredly need be!
Too often peace is sacrificed
just to prove one right.
The demanding of a way
diminishes delight!
Just so that one can get their way
what sacrifices are!
Is it right?  Is it fair?
The answer is not far!

"How wonderful is simple peace,"
the psalmist said it well!
The simplest becomes the best
when hearts do not rebel!
When set aside is my own will
in interest of another,
peace is surely to result;
and I might gain a brother!

Somehow, possessions and position lose significance when they cannot be enjoyed.  The less peace we have in our lives, the more we attempt to fill that void with other 'things,' thus making peace that much more valuable.
That Peace that trumps all other, and all other things, is found in Jesus Christ...and it be Jesus Himself, the Prince of Peace!  Know Him for yourself and savor that peace that be above all competition, possession, and compromise!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Time is short!

Again, we are reminded that this world will not go on forever.  This time, the message is gleaned from 1 John, chapters 1 & 2:

The hour, it approaches-
the same, it is upon.
Why does it seem that charity
and innocence are gone?
So vast is the deception;

deceivers, they abound-
everywhere, in everyone,
corruption to be found!

"Take heart, my little children!
For Hope is to remain!
There is a remnant, and His grace
will rise, will rise again!
For there is good in every man
despite the evidence,
and it shall shine through every trial
evoking recompense!"

The hour, it approaches;
behold, behold The Day!
Stand fast to your convictions as
you serve the Life, the Way!
The Light that is within you must
illuminate the course;
the Love that is within you be
that overwhelming Force!

With Jesus Christ alive inside of us, we must be such life to this world that they be drawn to Jesus!  Please pray for this man that he may do just that as he goes about the steps ordered for him.
Thank you.