Wednesday, June 5, 2013


How did I get to this place?
How did my prayer life become "manipulation?"

"Off we go again,
another lovely day!
"Here's our plan, Lord, go with us;
bless all we do and say!
I must accomplish 'this' and 'that'
if I shall know success.
Please do exactly as we plan;
our every action bless!"

Oh God, I'm deeply sorry!
What about YOUR plan?
You are God.  You hold all things;
for I am only man!
Who am I to dictate?
Who am I to presume?
In every facet of my life
move in and set up room!
Your will be done and not my own,
for You know what is best.
O God, see my repentance
and THEN, mine actions, bless!
For I submit myself to You,
"not my will but Thine..."
Here am I, a tool for You;
accomplish things divine!"

God sees right through me...and you.
He knows the heart and the motives therein.
How many of us must keep the 'self' in check?

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