Wednesday, June 5, 2013

True beauty!

"Is charm deceitful?
Is beauty vain?"
So the debate, it
would surface again.
It's been attested to as settled fact,
but here, in the wilderness, how to react?
Here, is it fleeting as seasons go by?
The pen to cry out "'Tis an absolute lie!"
Just look at the mountains in all of their splendor.
There is no end to the glory they render!
Look at the wildlife dwelling therein;
behold the great sky--oh, where does it begin?
Then know the Creator and all of His Own-
no way is there for Him to be FULLY known!
But what is known of Him is NEVER to change!
Yester, today and e'er will He arrange
the glory, the wonder, the thrill of it all-
living abundant inside of His Call!

Said beauty is changing, but ever to wane?
God the Creator will make some again!
And beauty and charm will remain for the eyes-
God, ever-generous, ever supplies!!

Behold the touch of God upon just about everywhere You cast your eyes.
See the glory of Him inside of almost everyone!  If they are not already serving Him, they are an opportunity for us to reach!
Go for it!

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