Saturday, June 1, 2013

THROUGH the storm

and the soul is singing yet...

"Glory, glory hallelu..."
I cannot help but sing
in honor and in gratitude
to Jesus Christ the King!
His title--it has always been--
all worship to belong!
He is God and God is He-
oh join eternal song!!

Jesus, in the earliest-
all glory on the rise!
Jesus in the afternoon-
behold Him in the skies!
Jesus in the evening-
in Him is perfect rest!
Jesus Christ, BEYOND all time,
oh bless Him and be blessed!

Glory in the highest-
He is there receiving praise!
Jesus is the everywhere,
whatever are the days!
His Highness and His Majesty,
so beautiful His song!
o sing the truth so glorious-

How is the song of your heart today?
I know that it is heavy for quite a few right now, but God is fully aware of all that is happening, and He is the Answer!  He has proven Himself faithful through many storms here.
Though the rains come, may they not drown out a single note of that inner song!

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