Saturday, June 1, 2013

The measure of a man

The measure of a man--whose measure?
Do we look and listen to the world?

The measure of a man-
integrity and truth;
flying in the face of all
that we've been taught from youth!
Looks can be deceiving,
words can do the same,
but that which is inside the heart-
that measure to proclaim.
And that inside the heart should be
the Father and His ways!
That which flows of it should be
integrity and praise!
The measure of a man, it is not
status, is not things;
we must realize this to know
the honor that He brings.

The measure of a man-
revealed in God's plan,
seen in word and deed...
who, then, will succeed?

This world has crooked measuring sticks.
This world sees through tainted glass.
Only through God's requirements can a man truly be known.
How do you measure up?

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