Monday, June 10, 2013

Love in Return

All for the glory of God...

"God Almighty, Jesus King,
You are over everything!
And there is nothing I can do
to 'improve' the ways of You!
For God, I long to emulate
the One You are-so good, so great!
But for the glory of Your Own,
lest I be naked and alone!

For the glory, Lord, of You!
For the clarity of view!
For the purity of heart
that is from being 'set apart!'
For You are all I ever need.
My wants are satisfied, indeed,
as I become more like the One
that sees mine every action done!

O God Almighty, my own King,
of You, alone, my soul to sing!
For only You my heart to long-
You are the content of its song!
For I am Yours and Yours forever.
Not anything, our bond, to sever!
Only, Lord, to stronger grow
as time continues to bestow!"

The love of the Lord is tantamount in this life.
What is our love and our affirmation to Him in return? 

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