Wednesday, June 5, 2013

His Supply

We are a needy people!
Most of us, however, can only see the need that is pressing.
God, however, can see every need that we will ever face! 
Greater, He already sees and knows what He is doing about those needs:

"O Father, our provision
was settled long ago.
You have it all arranged in ways
that only You can know!
Where we see need arising
You see opportunity;
without those ways that aren't our ways,
oh Lord, where would we be?

That tragedy a year from now
You know all about.
You have it so arranged, Your children
will not be without.
In fact, we shall minister
to them that know You not,
that they should wonder what it is
Your followers have got!

You see every need because
they are already met!
You already have a place,
the blessings, we shall get!
Lord, we praise and honor You,
oh God of our Supply!
You are the Giver of all life-
all time to glorify!"

Oh, the confidence we have in God.
(Oh, the confidence we CAN have in God!)
Those needs that we have now, those needs that we will have, God already sees those needs met!
Have faith in God...for ALWAYS!

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