Sunday, June 23, 2013

His Presence

The glory of His Majesty!!
The splendor of His wonderful Presence!
God, in His matchless awe and spectacle taking time to spend with even me!!
I cannot keep to myself!
I have to share...

In the Presence of Almighty,
even God Most High!
Steeled as all creation sings-
His Grace to glorify!
Here He comes, Jehovah God,
inviting company!
His grace and His compassion cause
the eyes of me to see!!

How wonderful...How powerful...
How merciful the same-
that He would speak creation...and then
speak MY very name!
All of living at His beck,
He has ALL command!
Yet, He looks into my eyes
and reaches out His hand!

The power and the glory...
the kindness and the love!
Only mercy could explain
His route from all above!
Coming unto such as we
was of His deep desire!
Provide Him residence within-
what living will transpire!!

Never underestimate His Presence!
Never take for granted the privilege of being able to be with Him!
Take of His grace, love, mercy and Presence for yourself.  You will never be the same!

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