Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guard your heart!

The longer the days are, the closer we get to the end, the more the enemy will seek to deceive and destroy The Elect!
Get personal with me...

"My son, my son, guard your heart
the deeper that you go!
The longer you are with your wife,
the more temptation know.
Love her, feed her, give to her
your everything, your all-
there is an enemy that hates you
and he plots your fall!
There is a Father, though, that loves you
guarding all your days.
He knows the enemy, therefore
He offers you His ways.
He knew about your marriage even
from beyond all time,
and He arranged the love you know-
what blessed paradigm!
Oh, but son of mine, it's something
you must work upon.
Guard your heart, fan the flame
that it would not be gone!
Rejoice in her!  Give her
everything that you can give,
and God, He will provide the rest,
assuring that you live!"

We need to be praying for our children today more than ever!
And please join me in praying for mine!

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