Friday, June 14, 2013

First off...

6 a.m.
Before the house gets going...
awake...all alone...out in the shade...

"Blessings on You, Father;
Good morning unto You!
Creation is responding,
celebrating in the dew.
So many are the vestiges
of Your creative touch,
and we are blessed to be with You,
oh, thank You very much!

Blessings on You, Father;
Your Presence is so real!
All You are inside of us,
oh help us to reveal!
Be visible in each of us,
be real in Your Own!
For we are clay inside Your palm-
oh, let Your print be known!

Blessings on You, Father,
Your Person and Your Word.
I see You in creation,
and You are clearly heard!
In Worshipping, I worship...
In serving You, I serve...
In loving You I love the ones
that do and don't deserve.

Blessings on You, Father,
and we receive much more!
We glorify and honor You-
for that's what we are for!

Glorify God today in all that you do.
Worship Him with all of your living.
That is why we were created.

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